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Do you have your own portable bar?

So you are a bartender looking to join the Barlogical network? has been designed for all kinds of bartenders. From people who are just looking to make some extra cash on the side to individuals that make a career providing professional bartending services, this network is for you.

We are constantly receiving requests for special event bartending services due to our unique marketing, and because we market our website strictly for locating only bartenders for hire, we don’t get lost in the sea of party/event staffing categories in search engines.

Our visitors find the free and informative service such a convenience to use, that a staggering 87% stop searching for bartenders in their area once they have submitted their information into, confident that our system will find the bartender they are looking for.

Our service doesn’t stop at individuals looking for bartending staff. Staffing companies also use our system to find bartenders for their events ensuring that there is always work around the corner.

Frequency of work offers are directly affected by how much you utilize the website and return requests for availability. 

We get a lot of requests to work with us and will require a photograph and resume once you have filled in the Application Form.